The Tree of Life & Embracing Duality

The tree of life shows us how we can go from one state to another.

It can also be described as going from one dimension to another.

It reminds us of the hermetic laws, such as the law of polarity. The left pillar is of the more ‘cold’ but needed states (see image), while the right pillar is known as the pillar of mercy.

We’re constantly travelling on paths in between the 2 pillars, because sometimes what you need is more DISCIPLINE, COURAGE, DISCERNMENT in order to achieve your beautiful, successful dreams.

Carl Jung said that the path to heaven is rooted in hell, and that if we ignore our shadow side/demons, they magnify and consume us.

We must accept that we all have demons – physiologically, emotionally, spiritually etc.

We need qualities and strengths from the severity column to control these demons, while simultaneously utilising qualities from the mercy column to accept and love ourselves throughout the journey.

When we think of ourselves as angels, we can find ourselves feeling like victims and martyrs – which we can’t keep up without passive aggression, expectations, people pleasing, not having boundaries, lying to ourselves (denial), arrogance (we know it all), and judgement of others who aren’t doing the same as us.

Embrace both your darkness and light!There’s a divine function for both.


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