Aries Season – Medical Astrology

It’s Aries season!

So that means, watch out for your adrenals, hydration, iron levels & intake, anything to do with your head, eyes and ears, and ALL things inflammation.

It also means watch out for impulsive behaviour which could result in unnecessary accidents, cuts and burns 🥵

Help yourself out.

Drink more water to keep hydrated.

Eat plenty of leafy greens with a side of vitamin C for optimal iron absorption, or even better, make sure you’re eating enough organic land based animal meat (with a side of vitamin c, for optimal absorption).

To avoid inflammation and keep your adrenals in check, remember to breathe 🧘‍♀️

Box breathing (check out my box breathing post) works by switching our nervous system from fight or flight mode (very Aries) to rest and digest/recover mode.

You can also self massage your cheekbones, head, forehead, ears and the sides of your neck right behind & underneath your ears. This stimulates the vagus nerve, which helps immediately switch you from fight or flight to rest and digest mode.

When you’re calmer, you are less likely to make silly mistakes which can land you in hot water 😫

On the bright side, your health and stamina could be looking up! You may find yourself having more energy and well-being than you did in the last couple of months during Pisces season, especially if your sun sign is in Aries or another fire sign.

Your libido and vitality may also be on the rise (excuse my pun).

Isn’t it amazing that gyms (a very Arien institution) are opening during Aries season, on the 12th of April?

Some of us may be tempted to go full speed ahead with our physical activities & exercise right now. Especially as the sun has been coming out and it’s been getting warmer (another Martian quality).

However, we have an aspect with Saturn at the moment which would suggest it would be wise to take more of a marathon approach. The consequence of not heeding this advice could be burn out, accidents and injuries. Particularly to joints and muscles (ruled by Saturn & Mars).

Saturn is currently in conversation with Mars in the sky, and Saturn will put your ass in time out if you try to go all guns blazing.

He’ll also make you suffer if you’re being reckless with your form, aren’t stretching/mobilising, and skipping the warm ups.

Why? It’s because Saturn is the ‘do it properly’ kind of energy. If you don’t, his karma is savage. However, if you do, the rewards are solid and long lasting.

Want to know how Aries and Mars energy affects you personally? Get in touch for a birth chart reading.

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