Manifesting Greatness Before Your Birthday & Aligning With Your Best Self

Aries people who haven’t had their solar return yet (birth day) might have been feeling tired/slower than usual…

hang in there.

Everyone tends to experience this in the 30-40 days before their solar return. The more psychic and sensitive of us (me), feel it from 60 days away 😫

This is because this time is meant for reflection on the year you’ve just had.

It’s not meant to be time for throwing yourself into work or exercise etc. These types of activities would be distractions from dealing with your subconscious and inner world.

The solar return time marks a new ‘you’ in a way. Or rather, a new theme starts. The new theme is dictated by what you were getting up to last year, and what your soul NEEDS to experience this year, in order to make you a more complete human.

Think of it as collecting the karmic fruits of your harvest for the year you just completed.

If you’re a more proactive driver of your life, rather than a passive one (someone who just cracks on without much reflection, shadow work and setting intentions – things in life just ‘happen to you’), you can also dictate how this next year is going to go – by planting seeds of intention STRONGLY.

In your psyche (self hypnosis, setting intentions, affirmations, changing your language)

In your physical reality (changing your surroundings, activities you engage in, re-evaluating what foods & information you consume, daily habits which support the version of yourself you want to manifest, etc).

This is why I love what I do, it’s not a job, it’s a life calling. I help align people with their best possible physical selves and nudge them towards better serving versions of their spiritual, mental and emotional selves. This is what MY duty of service is about in this world, and I aim to inspire and empower through my own expression, example and service.

If you’re ready to align with the best version of yourself and want some solid guidance and coaching, drop me a message and let’s discuss. Serious applicants only, this is a life changing journey.

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