Are all calories created equally?

As I always tell my clients: Not all calories are created equally.

What do you think is going to serve your health goals more?

245 calories from a 48g snickers bar vs 245 calories from eating a piece of chicken with some veg?

What nutrients, vitamins and minerals does it offer you?

What about the unhelpful load it has on your body?

Now compare that with what the chicken and veg meal offers you – for the same (maybe even more) calorie intake.

Even if the calories in the chicken meal outweigh the chocolate bar, you’re still going to burn more fat.


The sugar intake from the Snickers bar is going to send orders for your body to store the sugar and make fat cells.

The chemicals in the Snickers bar is going to confuse your hormones so that your body’s overall metabolic functions become less effective over time (speed of deterioration is different for each person – ask someone with PCOS, gut issues, diabetes, a sedentary person, etc).

The heavy metals & chemicals in the bar aren’t processed easily or efficiently by the body, as the body doesn’t recognise these materials. So they get stored in fat cells – increasing our body fat, inflammation and water retention – making us look and feel ‘fatter’.

There are hardly any nutrients in there. So our cells (and therefore our bodies) are nutrient deficient.

Well, you can’t exactly expect things to go well if you’re not giving your body the materials it needs to keep it running ?!

It’s amazing how many people in this day and age in the western world are MALNOURISHED YET OVERWEIGHT.

Mind boggling.

I suspect schools of thought behind weight watchers and slimming world are behind this self-destructive way of thinking.

That’s the difference between doing a traditional diet programme and doing a holistic fat loss & health upgrade programme with me.

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