How to increase your vibrational frequency using food.

Answer: Eat high quality, organic vegetables and whole foods.

I’ve talked about the bountiful vitamin & mineral content found in vegetables many times.

I’ve also talked about the benefits of getting a variety of different colours and types of vegetables – aka ‘eating a rainbow’

What I never explained is that vegetables carry a high vibrational frequency, which are transferrable to you when you eat them.

According to German scientist Fritz-Albert Popp, vegetables contain high levels of biophotons.

“Biophotons are small waves of light transmitted by the cells of almost all living things and possess healing and energising characteristics.

Plants absorb and store photons emitted by the sun, and change them into biophotons.

Popp also discovered that the people who ate a lot of fresh plant foods measured the highest levels of biophotonic energy in their DNA and created a device to measure the biophotons in DNA.

When the DNA of people with varying diets was measured, the results showed that “the average junk-food person had about 1,000 units of biophoton radiation . . . the average person eating live-foods had about 83,000².”


If you have a spiritual practice which is intended to increase your vibrational frequency, eating a high vibrational diet is NECESSARY.

Not only does this mean ensuring we eat a diet which is predominantly vegetable-based (no, I am absolutely not a vegan), but we also should be careful about the sources of our vegetable intake.

The biophoton count decreases significantly when we consume vegetables (and any other foods) which are grown using:

-Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)


-Synthetic Fertilisers


When you buy organic produce, grown by traditional small farms, you bypass all these problems. If you can’t afford organic:

-Look for small farmers who can’t afford to get the Organic accreditation stamp but still abide by the same guidelines nonetheless. This also applies when sourcing ethically raised meat/seafood. Speak to your butchers & fishmongers.

-Look at where you can re-shuffle your financial priorities.

After all, what is more important than looking after the ONE thing which encompasses our entire physical existence?

In summary, when we eat a higher quality diet, we raise our vibration and our ‘light’ frequency, enabling us to reach new heights in our spiritual development & expression, and breaking generational curses (diseases of mind, body and spirit) passed down by previous generations.

There are more tips on how we can increase our biophoton intake from veggies. Do you want to know more?

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