Lifestyle factors to turbo boost your body’s health – outside of using nutrition and supplements!

When I work with clients, it is NEVER just about diet and supplements.

Yes, these factors can make a massive change, however, their overall healing and effect will become limited if we’re not:

-Grounding and spending time in nature. Just like food contains antioxidants which can help repair cell damage, grounding enables us to do something similar through adding electrons to our bodies. Scroll down to my Grounding posts for more.

-In sync with our natural body clocks (circadian rhythm).

If you’re not seeing daylight, stuck behind screens till 10pm, staying up till 3am, eating at 11pm at night, you are more likely of developing chronic illness & having lower immune function.

Get your body’s clock in sync with the external clock for optimal health. One of the best ways to do this is by going for a short walk everyday before midday.

-Spending time with people we love, getting extended hugs and kisses (think 20 seconds long, 7 times a day). THIS IS A STUDIED IMMUNE FUNCTION BOOSTER!

-Getting mentally stimulated, i.e, learning, reading, discussing interesting things with others, finding a hobby/passion (astrology is one of mine).

-Practicing some form of mindfulness; emptying/clearing the mind, meditation, yoga.


This one is important for keeping us connected to our sacral chakra, vitality an sensuality. 5 minutes, here and there, in the bathroom mirror if you must (oops, I just revealed my secret spot :D)

-Listening to music which moves us. Don’t underestimate the ability music has to change our vibration/mood almost instantly – if we submit to it!

-Singing -even if it’s just in the shower.

Singing gets us to massage our vagus nerve, which stimulates the relaxation of our nervous system. To get the full effects of this, sing from the diaphragm (the space in between the lower ribs). I also really like yogic chakra chanting for this.


See above. The vagus nerve extends from the brain all the way to your gut. One of the things it can do when stimulated, is put you in a state of ‘rest and digest’ – which is where our bodies’ health THRIVES. The other way, being in fight of flight mode is where chronic diseases can thrive.

-Expressing yourself!

This allows you to feel connected to your subconscious, and can help you access learned behaviours/thoughts which may not be serving you (I like journalling and talking).

Some people prefer to pain/draw/dance etc. You never know, you may find out you’re an absolute superstar and love yourself even more!!

All these types of activities make our brains function better (our computer). When our master computer functions better, our whole health improves.

Try it! You’ll be surprised how effective these non-food related interventions are.

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