‘Why am I experiencing sluggish digestion/constipation?’

Areas to examine:

1) Movement.

If you’re movement revolves around going from the bed to the bathroom to the fridge to the sofa and repeat, it’s really no surprise your bowel movements are incomplete/limited.

Your intestines are made up of smooth muscles which contract and relax in order to push the digested food through these narrow but long tubes, all the way down to your rectum. If you’re constantly sitting down or horizontal (lying down), the contractions will start to reduce, causing sluggishness.

2) You’re not chewing your food properly.

Digestion starts in your mouth. If you’re shoving mouthfuls of food into your trap and quickly swallowing it, you’re skipping an IMPERATIVE step in your mechanical and chemical digestion, giving your stomach & intestines a lot more work to do, and slowing down your digestion process. Hello sluggish digestion and constipation!

3) You’re eating meals that are too large for you.

Similar to the previous point, you’re giving your body a task which may be too big to handle efficiently. Experiment with eating smaller portions.

4) In addition to your large meals, you’re also snacking/eating again shortly after.

We are not cows – as in, we do not have 4 stomachs – just one! Allow your stomach to empty it’s contents from your last meal into the intestines, where it can start moving things as mention in 1). Don’t overload your digestive systems! This has many implications on OVERALL health – including your immune function.

5) You’re not eating enough nutritious foods which contain the nutrients needed to support the running of your digestive system’s mechanisms.

If you’re low on zinc, iron, protein, b12 and magnesium, your body is probably going to have a hard time producing the enzymes (made from protein) needed to digest food properly.

Your cells may also be low on iron, zinc & vitamin b12 which are imperative for starting the digestive signalling cascade which starts from you just smelling your food.

Insufficiency in these nutrients probably = low stomach acid, which is needed to chemically break down foods in your stomach.

More again tomorrow!

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